Saturday, November 25, 2017

New West Prussian Church Books Digitized has posted some newly-digitized church books for West Prussia that might interest researchers.  These are early (i.e. pre-1800) Lutheran church books for Neuheide and Zeyer in Kreis Elbing and Graudenz in Kreis Graudenz.


  1. Thank you for letting us know about this. It looks like is a great source to search through. I am not yet ready to jump the pond to do my own original research, but I'll have to go through these files quickly; I really do not want to be paying anymore than I have to (I already pay to ancestry, myheritage, GRANDMA, newpaperarchive, and who knows what else). :(

    1. Archion is not a cheap resource, but they are becoming the only way to use Lutheran/Evangelical and Mennonite church books from Germany. It is a project of the Evangelical Church in Germany, and it is well-done. As they post newly-scanned church books, Family Search is required to stop distributing them. And the Mennonite church in Germany has put its books up there as well. You can buy day, month, or year passes for Archion.

    2. "Family Search is required to stop distributing them"?

      So some of the information the information that is already available on Family Search is going gradually away? Seriously? That is NOT the way that things should be progressing. :(

    3. I have not heard officially, but I have noticed that when a new church book appeared on Archion you could no longer order the microfilm from FamilySearch (when it had been previously available). Owners of resources have the right to limit how FamilySearch makes them available, whether we like it or not. Of course, FamilySearch has stopped lending microfilms and is in the process of digitizing everything.