Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting Out of the Doldrums

I've been in the genealogical doldrums lately.  I had an enjoyable time working on my Fast 1776 census project that I summarized here.  I made of lot of progress on other Fast families that so far are not connected to my own, but it also wore me out.  Thus, I haven't posted for quite a while.

I decided the best way to get out of my genealogical doldrums would be to do a fun project that would likely yield some good results.  I haven't researched my Reimer family (maternal grandmother's family), who lived at Jansen, Nebr., so I decided to make a trip to the Jefferson County courthouse.  And it proved to be just what I needed.

Just seeing the beautiful and unique Jefferson County courthouse would be enough to get any person out of the doldrums.
Source:  Wikipedia

I decided to focus on land and probate records because my great-grandfather Heinrich F. Reimer #317342 (1856-1923) had gone from being a simple farmer who owned 120 acres of farmland in 1900 (per 1900 Jefferson County plat map) to a man who gave two quarters of farmland to each of his eight children (2560 acres total) by the time he died in 1923.  Clearly there is an interesting story here.

I also wanted to find the probate for my great-great-grandfather Johann Barkmann #317873 (1827-1879).  He died of typhoid fever in Jefferson County, Nebr., only a year after arriving from Russia.   I knew very little about what he did after he arrived in America, so I thought that his probate file might answer some of those questions.

I'll share the results of my trip in following posts.

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