Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1811 Elbing census online

I just found the 1811 Elbing census online at the Mennonite Library and Archives (Bethel College, North Newton, Kans.) web site.  They were scanned by Glenn Penner.  Previously I had ordered LDS film #1344433, where it is also found.  But the digital images at the MLA web site are better quality; and most importantly for a Mennonite, they are FREE!

Here is the page with my 5-greats-grandfather Gerhard Fast #660202 (1739-1828) at age 72 in Neustaedterwald.  (I think the age of 75 that is given is wrong.)
Gerhard Fast household, 31 December 1811, Neustetterwald village #17, Elbing Territory census, West Prussia, Zesp. I/10, Nr. 44, Archiwum Panstwowe w Gdansku, Gdansk, Poland, p. 28.  Accessed online at https://mla.bethelks.edu/archives/cong_301/Nachweisung1812/IMG_2050.JPG on 31 August 2016.

NB:  The MLA web site calls it the 1812 census - it was taken at the end of 1811 for the 1812 year.

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